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Chicken's Fire Clan

A Chickens United CoC Clan

Welcome to the Chicken's Fire clan web site.

Who We Are
Chicken's Fire is a friendly, adult and responsible teenager, organized, generous donating, active farming/war clan. We war once a week with war search on Fridays as well as CWL. Currently we are recruiting mid town hall 10 and higher.

Lower town halls are welcome to join our feeder clan Chicken's Ice. Ice also does CWL and does regular wars once a week (Tuesdays). Ice members can jump to Fire to request maximum level clan castle troops for wars. Chicken's Ice clan tag: # 22QQ0QCGP

Regular wars are optional but we  expect all clan members to participate in clan games and new members should be willing to fight in Clan War Leagues. Read our clan rules and how to apply for membership in the About Our Clan forum. 

Chicken Fire clan tag: #Y0JU9QCC

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